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We believe that men can, and should, have access to contraceptive options beyond condoms and vasectomies.

Have you heard the recent news about promising methods of birth control for men?  Tell policymakers what you think of these methods by participating in our survey. We use the survey results to show policymakers and pharmaceutical company leaders that there is demand for new male contraceptives.

If you haven't heard the news, you can learn all about the methods here! Researchers around the world are developing male contraceptives that are potentially safer, more effective, and more convenient than any contraceptives on the market today. New leads are being discovered all the time Adjudin and the 'dry orgasm' pill are two recent finds.

Times have changed: despite persistent myths, sociological surveys show that men are ready for new contraceptive options. Reliable, reversible male contraception would allow both men and women to participate fully in family planning.

Looking for a male contraceptive? Right now the only way to get access to them is to participate in a clinical trial. is a project of the Male Contraception Coalition, whose mission is to help speed the development of new contraceptives for men.


Male contraceptives available today

Unfortunately the methods of male contraception described here are not commercially available. If you are seeking information about the two contraceptives now available to men vasectomies and condoms we recommend the excellent resources at at EngenderHealth and Planned Parenthood.

EngenderHealth's resources:
  Vasectomy: Questions & Answers
  No-scalpel vasectomy (NSV)
  Finding an NSV provider
  Are condoms right for me?
  Condoms: Questions & Answers

Planned Parenthood's resources:
  The Condom